Serve as an Election Judge to Earn Additional Administrative Leave

State employees historically have shown a strong commitment to public service and helping the citizens of Maryland. Therefore, I am calling on you to consider serving as an election judge. Your assistance during early voting, the Primary, and the General Election will ensure that Maryl​anders have access to polling stations and are able to vote without undue delays. 

The Gubernatorial Primary Election is July 19, 2022, followed by the General Election on November 8, 2022. Early voting will be held for eight days beginning on Thursday, July 7, through Thursday, July 14, for the Primary Election, and Thursday, October 27, through Thursday, November 3, for the General Election.  

To encourage your assistance: 

PRIMARY ELECTION DAY is NOT a State holiday. Therefore, if you work during an early voting day or the Primary Election Day, you will have to request approval to use your leave for the day(s) that you serve. Managers are encouraged to approve this leave.  However, in return, sixteen (16) hours of administrative leave for each day of your service will be added to your leave balance. State contractual employees also will be eligible for this leave. 

GENERAL ELECTION DAY is a State holiday for permanent State employees. As an incentive, I am authorizing eight (8) hours of administrative leave for permanent State employees who serve as election judges on Election Day.  If you choose to serve, you will receive pay for the holiday AND an additional 8 hours of administrative leave that will be added to your leave balance.  While the General Election Day is not a paid holiday for State contractual employees, I am authorizing State contractual employees who serve as election judges to receive eight (8) hours of administrative leave for their service. 

The primary election is quickly approaching, so if you are interested, go to the SBE website and sign-up to become an election judge. 

Submit any questions to or call 410-269-2840. ​ 

Thank you for helping provide all Marylanders with full, equal and unfettered access to vote during these important elections!​

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United States Flag and Maryland Flag are at Full-Staff

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