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Address Confidentiality Program​

The Maryland Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) was established by State law​ in 2006. Administered by the Office of the Secretary of State, the ACP prevents violence and future harm by working ​closely with government agencies and private companies to keep the location information of survivors and threatened individuals off public record. The ACP empowers Maryland residents who have recently relocated or intend to relocate to a new address to protect themselves and seek stability as active members of society without fearing for their safety.

The ACP has two components:

  • Substitute Address - the ACP assigns a legal substitute address for participants to use in place of a home, work, or school address. State law requires all government agencies, private companies, and individuals to accept the substitute address. The substitute address is not related in any way to an ACP participant’s actual address​.

  • Mail-forwarding Service - ACP participants designate the Secretary of State at their agent to receive first-class, certified, and registered mail as well as service of process. Participant mail is forwarded free of charge to their confidential address.​​​
​The ACP protects individuals and families who are fleeing threatened, attempted, or actual domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, stalking, or harassment. Persons with greater security or privacy concerns, often because of their employment, also qualify for the Address Confidentiality Program. ​​​​​
​​For more information about the Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program please call​ 
410-260-3875 o​r email  safe.athome@maryland.gov.  

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