Maryland's Secretaries of State

Below is a list of Maryland's Secretaries of State. Vivian V. Simpson was the first woman Secretary of State of Maryland.

John C. Groome1838
John H. Culbreth1838
Joseph Hopper Nicholson, II1838—1839
Cornelius McLean1839—1840
James Murray1840—1841
Thomas Wright, III1841—1842
Henry Hobbs1842
John Carroll LeGrand1842—1844
John N. Watkins1844
John N. Watkins1844—1845
William Wootton1845—1848
Richard C. Hollyday1848—1849
John N. Watkins1849—1851
Thomas O'Neal1851—1853
John Randolph Quinn1853—1854
Nathaniel Cox1854—1857
Jonathan Pinkney1857—1858
James R. Partridge1858—1861
Grayson Eichelberger1861
Thomas J. Wilson1861—1862
William B. Hill1862—1866
John M. Carter1866—1869
Richard C. Hollyday1869—1872
John Thomas Mason1872—1873
Richard C. Hollyday1873—1880
James T. Briscoe1880—1884
Richard C. Hollyday1884
George B. Milligan1884—1886
Edward W. LeCompte1886—1893
William T. Brantly1893—1894
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* Appointed assistant to the Secretary of State during the absence of Thomas Elmo Jones, April 20, 1944—February 7, 1946. McWilliams actually held the title only two days, February 7-8, 1946.

** Appointed Interim Secretary of State by Governor Martin O'Malley.