Public Disclosure

A business which enters into contracts, leases or other agreements with the State, or its units, in which the business receives a total of $200,000 or more, is required to file with the Secretary of State a form containing the name and address of any resident agent of the business, each officer of the business and, if known, each person who has a beneficial ownership of the business.

Statutory Authority: State Finance & Procurement Article, §13-221 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.


Please Note: This disclosure is to be filed within 30 days after a business enters into an agreement with a total value in excess of $200,000 with the State or any of its entities.


Files are kept at the Office of the Secretary of State for two years as required by law.
Those filed earlier may be found at the Maryland State Archives.

Disclosure of Contributions

The following person is required to register with the State Board of Elections and file an initial Contribution Disclosure Report at the time of award of a contract. Additionally, the person must file semi-annual Contribution Disclosure reports on February 5 and August 5 for as long as the contract is being serviced.

A Person doing public business if the person is:

  1. An individual, or a firm, corporation, trust, unincorporated association, or other organization, whether or not conducted for profit; and
  2. Conducting business with one or more government agencies (including the State, any county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of the State, and any agencies of the State or its political subdivisions), involving consideration of $200,000 or more as provided under 14-101(b) of the Election Law Article


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