Flag Folding Protocol for Maryland Flag

Special thanks to Jari Villanueva (left) and Shervell Stevenson (right) for creating this document.

The Holder of the MD Flag will have the black box in their left hand symbolizing the that goes over the heart of the deceased. The folder will have the gold box in their left hand.


Make one lengthwise fold leaving a 2 inch border with the black box part of the flag. The Fold side of the flag will mirror the hold person in setting this border.




Make the second lengthwise fold and bring the off black box hand to the lower border that was set on the first lengthwise fold.

The first triangle fold will be made towards the open edge of the inside border of the flag. That Would be the left corner folding towards the right inner edge.

The second triangle fold will be made with a 1.5 in cut in this fold as shown on the image below. 

The third triangle fold will be made staying within the borders of the flag. Folding the right corner to the left edge forming the triangle.

The forth fold will bring the point over to put the fold against a flat edge. Avoid any extra Cut(Cheats) in the flag to ensure there is not too much nor too little to tuck.


The fifth Fold would be bringing the left corner to the right inner edge forming the triangle.


The sixth fold will bring the point over to create a flat edge toward the folder. The fold will be the first fold into the Black and Gold field. The point shouldn’t land any further that 2 inches before or after the Black and Gold line as shown.


The seventh fold will bring the right corner to the left edge forming the triangle.


The eighth fold will bring the point forward and form a flat edge toward the fold person.


The ninth fold brings the left corner to the right edge forming the triangle.


The tenth fold will be placing the point forward creating a flat edge toward the fold person.

The eleventh and final fold you fold the right corner over the the left edge. 


The Tuck


For the tuck, take the left side tuck edge and tuck that edge under the folded portion of the flag leaving a small 1-2 inch eyelet on that side. This leaves room for the tuck over that ends corner.

Tuck the remaining fabric into the flag and flatten out the tucked end as neat as possible and you will have the finished product that you see pictured below.



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