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Effective 1/22/2024:

(1) A notary public may demand and receive a fee of no more than $8 for the pe​rformance of an original notarial act.

(2) A notary public may demand and receive a fee of no more than $30 for the performance of a remote notarial act.

(3) When a notary public is requested to notarize more than one copy of the same record, where the copy or copies have been signed at the same time by the same person or persons, the notary may demand and receive $8 for notarizing each signature on the original or first copy of the record, and may demand and receive $4 for each signature on each additional copy of the same record.

New and Renewing Applicants and Course of Study

  • New Notary Application Information
  • Renewal Application Information for currently commissioned notaries public​
  • List of Authorized Course​ of Study and Examination Providers-effective 10/1/2021
  • ​Find the legislative district number & the name of your Senator ! Use the look-up link provided by the Maryland General Assembly​
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    General Notary Info​rma​​tion​​​

  • Change of Name and/or Address Form
  • Search for a No​tary
  • Report a possible violation/infraction of a notary
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Click here to look up the Annotated Code of Maryland statutes
  • Click here to look up the Notary Public: General Regulations​​
  • If you have any questions regarding your notary application or general duties of a notary public, please email us at​ or call us at 410-974-5520​

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    Remote Notary Information

    ​​Notary Public Town Halls​

    • ​​ Effective Immediately:* The regulation regarding the mileage fee that a Notary Public may charge when traveling to perform a notarization has been changed. Now, a Notary Public may demand and receive reimbursement at the prevailing rate for mileage established by the Internal Revenue Service for business travel and a fee not to exceed $5 for travel if required for the performance of a notarial act. The IRS mileage rate for 2024 is 67.00 cents per mile.

    Statutory Authority: State Government Article, §18-101 et seq. of the Annotated Code of Maryland.​​

    ​​Notary Public Online​ A​p​plication and​ ​Renewal
    Service Now Available​

    Charities and Legal Services Division Annual Reports

    Effective January 1, 2021 the Notary division is going paperless ALL applications, communications, etc. will be electronic. Every notary is responsible to ensure that SOS has a current e-mail, street address, and business phone number on file at all times.

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