Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA) Workgroup

Purpose: The purpose of the Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA) Workgroup is as a follow up to discussion from the Notary Workgroup. The purpose is to study, review, and make recommendations about the entire body of work and determine its applicability, if any, for the State of Maryland. 

Goals: To study and determine if the Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA) should be considered for adoption, in part or in full, or rejected in the State of Maryland.

Monthly Meeting Schedule: 

Final Report 

Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA) Workgroup Roster :
  • Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary of State, Chair
  • Michael Schlein, Division Administrator, Office of the Secretary of State, Co-Chair
  • Cody Corcelius, Chief of Staff for Chairman Bobby Zirkin
    Maryland Senate
  • Richard W. Metzgar
    Maryland House of Delegates
  • Lance Schine, Deputy Secretary
    Department of Information Technology (DoIT)
  • Marilyn Bentley, Clerk of Court
    Circuit Court for Baltimore City
  • Toby Musser, CEO
    MNS Group
  • Penny Reed, SVP Strategic Engagement and Financial Reform Wells Fargo
  • Denise Pope, VP Branch Administration
    Tower Federal Credit Union
  • Kenneth Krach, Administrative V P and Senior Counsel M &T Bank
  • Lydia Williams, Program Manager, Guardianship, Legal Services and Elder Abuse Programs
    Department of Aging
  • M. Clare Schuller, JD
    Progressive Title Corporation
  • Jean Quattlebaum
    Le Reve Real Estate
  • John Nicholas (Nick) D'Ambrosia
    Long and Foster, Chair: Maryland Real Estate Commission
  • Michael Kasnic, Executive Director
    Maryland Real Estate Commission
  • Richard (Ricky) Adams, JD,
    Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP
  • Frieda M.A. McWilliams, Dir of Admin.,
    Dept. of Labor, License and Regulation, Office of Financial Regulation
  • Katherine (Kathie) Connelly
    Consumer, Notary Public
  • William (Bill) O’Connell
    First American Title Insurance Company



  • Michael Chodos, General Counsel, Senior VP
  • C. Richard ‘Rick’ Triola, Founder, CEO
  • Bob Rice, CEO
    World Wide Notary

  • Office of the Attorney General:
    Josaphine Yuzuik, Assistant Attorney General
  • Office of the Secretary of State:
    Marquita Lewis, Notary Officer and Notary Public


Meetings of the RULONA Workgroup will be held in compliance with the Maryland Open Meetings Act, §§ 3-201 through 206 of the General Provisions Article of the Maryland Annotated Code. 

Objectives of the Notary Work Group: 
  • Perform a comprehensive review of the Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA) and all other related laws and regulations to ensure protections for the public as well as notaries public;
  • Determine whether the recommendations of the Notary Workgroup should be considered and integrated into this body of work;


Invited members of the Work Group would include but not be limited to:
  • Maryland Circuit Court Clerks’ Association
  • Maryland Department of Information Technology
  • Maryland Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association
  • Maryland Bankers Association
  • Maryland General Assembly
  • Maryland Office of the Attorney General
  • Other interested departments
  • Maryland Land Title Association
  • Maryland Association of Realtors
  • Maryland Real Estate Commission
  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • Maryland Automobile Dealers Association
  • Consumer/Notary
  • Guardianship Attorney
  • Elder Law Attorney
  • Disability Rights Attorney
  • Estate and Trust Attorney
  • Remote Notary Industry Vendors

Participants will not receive any special access or benefit in its dealings with the State as a result of their willingness to participate on the RULONA Workgroup. No compensation, reimbursement or other remuneration of any kind will be given to participants, or the organizations that participants’ represent, as a result of participation on the RULONA Workgroup.

Time Commitment: It is anticipated that participants will be expected to commit to provide 28-34 hours of work to accomplish the tasks associated with this work group over a period of 4-6 months.

Organization and Process: In-person kick-off meeting (2 hours) Monthly in person progress meetings – Reports on all action items, discussion, new business (2 hours)

Proposed Report: The Secretary of State’s Office intends to make publicly available a final report of the Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts (RULONA). Participants will be assigned sections of RULONA to evaluate and is expected to review the final draft before it is published by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Proposed Report Outline: 
  • Table of Contents
  • Participants
  • Executive Summary
  • Issues Identified
  • Research done to address issues
  • Proposed Recommendations of the Workgroup

The Secretary of State, or his designee, will chair the RULONA Workgroup and provide staff support for the RULONA Workgroup.

If you are not a member of the Notary Work Group but would like to attend and observe any of the Open Meetings, please contact Michael Schlein (see contact information below) by 11am on the day of the meeting that you would like to attend.​