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Safe At Home


The Program

The Maryland Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) is administered by the Office of the Secretary of State and provides an important service to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. The goal of the ACP is to help those individuals, who have relocated or are about to relocate, in an effort to keep their perpetrators from finding them. The ACP is not for everyone. A trained professional from a domestic violence program can help determine if ACP should be part of the individual's safety plan.


The Program has two components:

  • First, the ACP provides a substitute address for victims who have moved or are about to move to a new location unknown to their abuser.
  • Second, the Program provides participants with a free confidential mail-forwarding service for first-class mail and legal papers.​



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The ACP is committed to providing the most secure and efficient mail-forwarding service possible for participants in the Program. Working with various State and local domestic violence advocates, our office offers its services as an important part of the safety solution for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

For more information about this Program, or for an Application Assistant near you, please call: 410-260-3875 o​r email us at safe.athome@maryland.gov.  

Task Force to Study Recording Deeds for Victims of Domestic Violence

Final-Report-of-the-Task-Force-to-Study-Recording-Deeds-MSAR-10944.pdfFinal Report December 2017

November 2017 Meeting Details:

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