Anhui Sister State Committee and Maryland Department of Commerce in China


Sister State

Photos of the Maryland Team at the Huangshan International Travel Agencies’ Conference

(Top photo) In November 2018, Steven Drake and Mark Xu, Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the Maryland-Anhui Sister State Committee; Marylanders Vanessa Marcel, Heather Dellinger, and Jingwen Xu; and Felicia Pullam, Regional Manager, East Asia and Investment Lead, with the Maryland Department of Commerce participated in the opening ceremony of the Huangshan International Travel Agencies’ Conference. 

(Bottom left photo) The Maryland team, including Mark Xu and Steven Drake, with Director Li at the top of Huangshan Mountain. 

(Bottom right photo) On November 13, 2018, Steven Drake, Mark Xu, and Felicia Pullam toured Precedo.